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Tens of Thousands of Women Around the Globe Are Transforming Their Business and Their Lives with Niyc’s Help.
“I have been working with Niyc for the past 9 months, and today I just hit six figures in my business! And this past saturday I led my first live event which was completely full and women had to sit on the sides. I get to work with women in 17 different countries. Niyc teaches you how to be Unstoppable and I am absolutely so grateful for her mentorship” 
- Elaine, USA 
"The level of growth that you go through in this program is insane. I look back at who I was last year, and I don’t even recognise her anymore. Since working with Niyc I have had consistent $10k months, and have completely transformed my business. I am so thankful to Niyc and to all of the women who are in the accelerator with me. It has been the best thing I have ever done for my business!” 
- Amy, UK
"I have upscaled my business in a way I never thought was possible. I’ve created a level of income that included $30,000 months, and that has become normal to me, but to other people it shocks them how much I make in a month. Niyc has picked up on my behaviours that are self sabotaging and she calls me out on them” 
- Denise, UK
About Your Coach,
Niyc Pidgeon
Positive Psychologist MSc BSC CTLLS IPPA;
Award Winning & Best-Selling Hay House Author; Certified High Performance & Success Coach CHPC
As a leading motivational speaker, business coach and positive psychologist, Niyc is obsessed with empowering women to create more joy, personal power, and Unstoppable Success within themselves and their businesses. 

She’s on a mission to help a million people change their lives through entrepreneurship and positive psychology.

Niyc is a Brit based in Los Angeles, and proudly travels the world to speak on big stages and run her own live events, won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Psychology Book Of The Year 2017, and Most Outstanding Positive Psychologist 2018. 

She has been appointed as a Supporting Partner at United Nations Women UK as an Ambassador for their Onebracelet campaign to end violence against women, and has helped more than 10,000 women-led businesses create success.
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